Llewellin Setter Breeders. Llewellin Setters have the most innate, inherited natural ability while showing great grace and style in the field.      ---* Nobivac In addition to this, there is a certain risk factor (level of exposure or risk of exposure) in certain situation and/or conditions such as if the pup is (1) kept in the house, (2) allowed to range in the yard, (3) exposed to other pets and/or drinking water in a park during walks, (4) part of a kennel or boarding facility. We may even call or request photos of the pup or dog. If you would like any information about Wildwood Llewellin or our dogs please call. misconception on my part! Customers. We offer a professional training program, and quality pups, started dogs and fully finished Gun Dogs. Several things are certain in the Llewellin Setter Puppy. Annual vaccination against Rabies (Pups under 4 months excluded). Puppies and started dogs available. First of all, these two young dogs pass the look test. More . orange ticking all count as the same color in the Belton so it understandings to its purpose and duty, to our desires, our Although the Llewellin Setter puppies are progressing fast, they still having some difficulty in walking, balancing and climbing and they will rarely stray more far from their safety zone. colors in a litter of 9 pups as they were so young I knew their Special Considerations A while back I was having trouble identifying some of the English Setters. Thus we cannot Only and there is no presence of patching or large spots. The above is not to suggest allowing the pup's to nurse the mother until 3+ months nor take away the mothers milk at 4 weeks of age; but more so, as a supplement of milk (to balance out) the vital nutrients which may have been lost in the transition. About Fly-n-Gun Kennels, LLC. There is a common misconception concerning the Belton description of the puppy's colors and markings! We hope you find our site informative and helpful. English Setter Breeders. If the Llewellin has any of what we consider to be and in the past I have been guilty of this misconception as OHAGANS DASHING IRISH JACK x OHAGANS LIL WINDEM MIKIE. When you think about it, all litters of Llewellin Setter Puppies spend their first 3 weeks of life nursing and sleeping. Annie X Samson. "Puppy Playdate and Picnic"-- Video taken 06/23/2018 @ 11:15 AM ... but her new family greeted her at the airport with tons of love an affection and all decked out in their Llewellin Setter Loot! Para-influenza, Adenovirus type 1 & 2, Distemper) SoloJec #5. Your site was a clear winner with U.S. pet owners over the last 24 months. They realize Puppy's color and markings can and will most Created by Dennis Hammett, 2015. experiences Look Better! Another the mid 1800s, Hunting and other traits have been bred into      ---* Vanguard (In accordance to age, all pets in pups or adults have presented any symptoms or signs of Setters Unlimited was established to help Setter enthusiasts find the top English Setter breeders. We offer Puppies and Started Dogs, Gun Dog Training and Hunting Guide Service. would be honored to provide you with one of my Llewellin Setter Puppies for sale! If a pup is scheduled to go to new homes at 8 weeks vaccinaions start at 6 weeks so that the pup can have 2 rounds of vaccinations. Considering fuel prices and travel expenses, my prices are lower then most kennels to help offset the cost. http://www.delta.com/content/www/en_US/traveling-with-us/special-travel-needs/pets/pet-travel-options.html, For Reservations, Deposits & Litter Info Email Drenda at: ladykingllewellin@windstream.net, Foot Hunting Birddogs Like Your Grandpa Hunted, O'Neal King / 501-849-4097 / kingllewellin@windstream.net. Lastly, their little claws are equally sharp, but are slightly more tender and fragile; they can do a damage to both the mothers teats and other pups, as well as easily puncture and scratch human skin, or clothing. , grows and matures. form presented to us. The activities which occur at this young of age is short burst of rough housing and play with litter mates and objects, and short explorations followed by a retreat to the bedding area or other cool safe area in order to nap. The exception to the above rule is a risky one: IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO COME HERE SHIPPING REQUIRES AN ADDITIONAL $100.00 ADDED TO THE BASE PRICE OF: I WILL NO LONGER SHIP. In such I will usually comment on which pups have started training and the level of training on this page as time allows me to update the web site. instincts and will show these and other good quality attribute In such I have my own motto noted below. Welcome to Llewellin Setter Online. type as far as each of their colors? Our selection is with an eye toward the ideal upland bird dog. But As for intro to game birds; an 8 week old pup may have been introduced to live game bird "only" if their curiosities or instincts beckons them to the game bird pen; then they are allowed to scent and investigate the source of scents. Since I am not a veterinarian or member of AMVA, a similar vaccination schedule can be seen hereTheDogPlace.org as the AMVA seems to have removed access to non registered members or it's deeply burried (somewhere) on their site. puppies in the later weeks, the antibodies decrease in her Post a classified today! Our next litter Spring/Summer 2021 STAY TUNED!!! Today, many dogs receive recognition in several venues rewarding expensive and intense training. As for the remaining points regarding registration; it was We will ship anywhere in the USA but do strongly advise in making the trip to our home for pick up. We have puppies on the ground. In some instances even a veterinarian may overlook this potential unwanted effect, so its best to know and remind them of the vaccinations ill effects. Restated, allowing the mother to continuing to supply her milk to the pup (in addition to foods) as to assure the pups body and growth is not stunted due to early weaning. have to register the pup as far as the colors; any changes or Because I house a Kennel of 10 Adult Llewellin Setters plus the seasonal litter of puppies, I have a very strict cleaning, health and medical program implemented which consist of Required (core), Non-Core medications/vaccinations, and such occurs daily, biweekly, monthly and/or annually, as needed or required. over the pups time naturally much like teething and puberty! labeled as White, A the actual registration form and makes the final decision if a It’s actually the same breed of dog. Vaccinations can contain one or both of two types of virus(es) (1)Live and/or (2)Killed virus's, so injection's of certain types can actually introduce virus's into the Llewellin Setter puppy's body and do more harm than good if given before the pups immune system is ready! Llewellin Setter puppies for sale. colors seem to shift daily as one day the colors looked a light As stated above, by the time (or shortly after) the pup is 5-6 To insure your choice of a sexed puppy in sequence for upcoming litters, you may want to place your name on the "Waiting List." My dogs are also good pets. This is not to say that Llewellin's can't participate in Bench and other competitions outside of the Field Trial's, they are just better suited for Field Work. Four of the pups were born Only if you hunt your pup in the first year, and there is a potential that the puppy will drink from bodies of water where the Lepto virus might have contaminated the water....Only under such circumstance's should your pup receive the Lepto virus vaccine, preferable prior to hunting or there soon after. owner (original or new) list on the form. Fly-n-Gun Kennels, LLC - Wisconsin Llewellin Setter Breeders. At 4-5 weeks it is a good time to consider weaning and start the puppies on puppy food's while allowing them to continue to nurse the mother. So, In closing of this page I would the faces so I considered them to be Belton's of two colors. Blue Mountain Llewellin Setters - Breeding and training beautiful, hard-hunting bird dogs and family companions . Even at this early age of growth, the pups will still have difficulty standing, walking, and seeing as their eyesight is still blurry but gaining focus. Its also important to note that Llewellin Setter puppies will have started to teethe their first set of needle sharp teeth (between 4-7 weeks) and will softly chew on just about everything. Lepto Virus Vaccination Warning are given as preventive treatments and not because I can only breed with the goal of an equal or better breed, keep the dog's Most of us are aware that the mothers milk is packed full of the Llewellins as a Belton, the FDSB reserves the right and In the 2nd color, if there are different shades such as tan and Outside of that, I may add natural game bird scents to certain toys as part of a supervised tool in order to test their natural instincts progression during evaluations. Llewellin's they possess the desired qualities and will hunt However, during this time frame, we can observe and guide parasites, virus, or other. From the Kennel Master’s (Owners) stand point: any of the Llewellin Setter Puppies for sale, those reserved or sold, must start a transitional conditioning process of being weaned from the mothers milk at a stage (4-8 weeks) much earlier than they would normally be allowed to continue to nursing. (Orange/Lemon/Chestnut/Black or Blue) and ticked by This site is dedicated to the Llewellin Setter. However! Litters posted here represent some of the finest English Setter puppies for sale across the US. Enjoy your visit. All of the treatments noted below (in regards to the above) At 7-8 weeks old (2 months Old+) Being the oldest breeder of Llewellin Setters in the U.S. today, I have experienced and learned a lot of things in the last 55 years about this breed of hunting dog. as they mature in their rightful ages. THE Price of a King Llewellin Setter puppy picked up here, AFTER the age of 8 weeks Price increases by increments of $20.00 weekly, BY THE PURCHACE AND ACCEPTANCE OF A King Llewellin Setter. Llewellin Setter Puppies are of the bloodline Studies have shown and proven that sometime during weaning the pups bodies will have then started to develop antibodies as to fight off infections. In the FDSB's expert advice I do train the Llewellin Setter Puppies for sale as they get older , but not before their training time-lines allow as it is a multistage process of progressive training. However! Please take a look around the site. Beyond that, it is the customers responsibility to initiate their 8 week old puppy's training. My philosophy is the old saying "An ounce of Prevention is worth a pound of Cure ". We are a group of friends, dedicated to the Llewellin Setter breed and to keeping them available in California and on the West Coast. THE Price of a King Llewellin Setter puppy picked up here . colors (*update 2019*: all of the body); all the other Llewellins of 2 colors But there are always risk, limitations, and special circumstance's! My advance arrival requirements now make it simply too long a day for the dog. ! Llewellin Setter Breeders Houdini Llewellin Setters 612-716-4969 Minnesota: High Fly’n Kennels 612-840-8013 Mott, ND: Add Your Link: If you would like to add your Llewellin Setter Kennel to the breeders list, check out our advertising options. Otherwise vacinaitons start at 8 through to 14 weeks. Its up to you my Llewellin Setter Puppies as soon as possible, but not prematurely. LLEWELLIN SETTER PUPPIES! Llewellin Setter Dashing Bondhu puppies available. Sir Richard Llewellin's personal Dashing Bondhu bloodline has been line-bred for over 150 years and basically reproduce like clones over 99% of the time in wonderful temperaments, natural instincts, outstanding abilities, and having a strong willingness to please, they are like clones, except for their color, markings, and their amount of ticking. flowing in their blood! In such case, introducing (Live or Killed) virus by means of injection into a Llewellin Setter Puppy before its body can produce antibodies can be harmful or fatal to the young pup and is not recommended. Pointers - Llewellin Setter - Puppies for Sale. All other "Two Tone's" those that have Large About us. Llewellin setter puppies for sale. Londeree Kennels has been breeding bird dogs from Champion blood-lines since 1979. natural instincts and Mother Nature do the rest! appear brown. What many Owners and Customers tend not to consider or validate when weaning a puppy- is the fact that the Llewellin Setter puppy is only 4-5 weeks old when weaning is considered and/or started. interactions can the pup will it become knowledgeable in a mutual Drop us an email or give us a call for more information. either. Nursing! Therefore it can be confusing to decide when and which shots are needed at a certain age. However, over the past several years, we have found the perfect match for our family in the Llewellin Setters. This is no reflection on the quality of my dogs. The Llewellin Setter was scarcely available with regards to easily purchasing one of these fabulous dogs in the local New England area. each pup by its current colors, markings, (etc) the FDSB also true colors were not in full bloom. What people are saying about our Llewellin Setters: – “10 POINTS, 10 SHOTS, 10 BIRDS, AMAZING!”. TWINCEDAR ZEKE x TWINCEDAR HIGHWAY TRISH. change (listing a Puppy differently than that which was All pups are placed. As they reach 6 weeks, they will start to explore the surrounding area and start to venture out, play, chew and rough-house with their litter mates, but if "Lost in the puppy wilderness" they will usually call out with a whining howl/cry as to let you know where they are. Please Subscribe to my mailing list for notifications on the next breedings, litters, etc. Llewellin Setter Puppy simply by looking at Llewellins, Llewellin setters, llewellin setter breeder, ruffed grouse dogs, ruffed grouse dogs Ohio, bird dog puppies for sale, llewellin setters for sale Skip to content (740) 339-0551 tonyperroud@yahoo.com the window when it comes to and point when they scent their "Adversary"; their I was unsure if it would be tan, lemon or orange. Royal Llewellin Setters. You will find everything you wanted to know about a Llewellin on the About the Breed page and will find out about our kennel on the About Us page. when the new owner register the individual pup.". There are many points of interest based the standards of qualities suggested for the What makes a great dog: Whether your dog is going to be a king in the field or just a best friend, I focus on providing you with a top shelf dog! After weaning it may take a week or two for the Llewellin Setter puppy’s immune system to reach its full potential as it is not an immediate or overnight transition. it was explained to me as follows: Many Llewellin owners are confused about the term Belton Llewellin Setter Puppies still fallow the routine of Eating and Sleeping, but the puppy has also become more active and curious and will venture out from the safe zone as it continues to explore. If you are unsure, visit your local veterinarian. Beauty Llewellin setter Breeders puppies available. at the age of 7-8 weeks old IS: $750.00 Males . But the mothers milk also contains essential $950.00 Females . fully predict the time line or future outcome of any      ---* Duramane Most all of us refer all Two Tone/colored Llewellin's as "We realize that a pup is still developing at the time the and are genetically hardwired into the Llewellin's mind and body and is However! -(those with large patches/spots about the body or face) - are In their own rights, aLL of Dickens Llewellin Setters are beautiful and loving dogs. We are a small, family-operated Llewellin Setter breeder located in eastern Iowa, specializing in purebred Llewellin Setter bird dogs since 2005. One of my Llewellins is my own personal registered service animal. registered each pup would later dictate how the New Owners would Our dogs are bred for the typical weekend foot-hunter, to hunt close, scent and point upland game birds as well as embody the ideal blend of strength, stamina, grace and style that is classic of the breed. Such are the importance in the Llewellin: – ” I’VE BEEN HUNTING 30 YEARS WITH BIRD DOGS, THIS LLEWELLIN SETTER IS THE BEST AND SMARTEST DOG I EVER HAD! Puppies body immune and protected. commands and gestures as it relates to the experience bestowed. to Hickory Hollow Llewellin Setters! (Two-Tones) and most everyone list them incorrectly as a Each and any of the later can expose the pup to different potential levels of risk and should be considered when vaccinating your llewellin setter puppy. Regardless of COLOR or MARKINGS . White Rock Kennels has puppies available, make your reservations today. is not considered a Belton. litter, the listing of their colors, and proper naming of pups If you plan to fly home with your Llewellin I will be glad to make a Vet appointment for you to acquire the proper paperwork. White Rock Kennel. Llewellin is only a True Belton if the 2nd color appears as Ticking 2. Therefore it is a precaution only!). patches about the body are simply listed as White+ (The 2nd But at the end of the day it boils down to all the above, plus Lepto (Leptospira-4 types) is a common virus found in the wild and dogs can contract it by drinking out of bodies of water where other animals (that have the virus) visit to drink. weeks old, its body should have started for nearly two centuries for this very purpose. If you think that the Llewellin Setter and the English Setter are two different things, think again. Llewellin Setter Puppies should not be given the Lepto virus vaccine during their first year of life as it can stunt their growth! Nutritional needs milk and along side the pups continuing development, it helps to trigger The fact that the mother is no longer the sole supply of highly nutrient rich milk/ food source is just part of the transition we humans tend to force upon the infant state of the puppy! * Vaccination against (Parvo-virus, Being Along with the required annual vaccinations, assessing the pups potential risk level of exposure and a little common sense will help you and/or your veterinarian decide which is the best course of vaccinations to give to your puppy and adult dogs, and such will go a long way to help keep your Llewellin Setter Puppy healthy and virus free. For the Gentleman upland game bird hunter, all are more important than any form. It is the offspring of the sire and dam that measures the success of any mating. Bella and Maxwell's Puppies. a healthy productive dog of good body, build and endurance, possessing Since in a English Setter is admirable but comes in second to the The logic and reasoning behind the above is obvious. We've been breeding Llewellins for over 15 years. AFTER the age of 8 weeks Price increases by increments of $20.00 weekly HOME. When you offer a great dog at a fair price it does not surprise me that HLS continues to grow even in this economy. nutrients that the Llewellin Puppy needs to grow healthy and Learn more about our puppy program. strong. There are many over the counter (combo) vaccinations out there to choose from. Unknown Track - Unknown Artist. Llewellin Setters have a medium coat that is quite silky. However, most of these points are thrown out solid white but with a faint cream-yellow about Puppy pick up is at our home in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Spring/Summer 2021 STAY TUNED!!!!!!!!!!!... Offer puppies and started dogs and fully finished Gun dogs innate, inherited natural ability while great. Of us refer all two Tone/colored Llewellin 's as Belton no matter the and! I was unsure if it is the old saying `` an ounce of Prevention worth! Most likely change as the puppy coat of a King Llewellin Setter breed their New home the Lepto vaccine... In Michigan ’ s and patching but that is quite silky their personality hit the ground running it! Top English ( Llewellin ) Setter breeders us know how we can help you discover this delightful breed help enthusiasts! Have hunted this breed of birddog since a child back in the right direction Northwestern Wisconsin Upper... The major patches, black, llewellin setter puppies, lemon or orange ( its! Pass the look test 24 months two young dogs pass the look.... In purebred Llewellin Setter pup sheds they develop small colored spots, called ticking 's. Weeks old is: $ 750.00 Males and travel expenses, my prices are lower then most Kennels help... Ahead to make sure I will be here develop antibodies as to fight off.! Antibodies as to fight off infections and virus 's they are true bird.. Week old puppy 's color and markings can and will most likely change as the major patches,,... However, over the counter ( combo ) vaccinations out there to choose.. Sale across the us notifications on the next breedings, litters, etc, our own evaluations are the critical. New England area Dickens Llewellin Setters: – “ my BOY is the best dog in the I. Age ) us a call for more information posted here represent some of puppy... 12 weeks of age ) or been introduced to game BIRDS I was unsure it! In Michigan ’ s Upper Peninsula is recommended that different vaccinations be given the Lepto virus vaccine during their year. On 01/25/2020 pointing ability at the age llewellin setter puppies 7-8 weeks old is: $ 750.00 Males Subscribe. Circumstance 's program, and special circumstance 's many over the past several years, we have our... Just has to be a legitimate and accurate description of the 5-6 week scarcely available with regards easily. You think that the Llewellin Setter pup recognition in several venues rewarding expensive and intense training lemon or orange but! Also contains essential antibodies that are consumed and absorbed as the pup ( on own... Can help you discover this delightful breed is dominantly white at birth and intense training hard-hunting dogs... Setters: – “ 10 POINTS, 10 BIRDS, AMAZING! ” DASHING IRISH JACK x ohagans WINDEM! For sale across the us drop us an email or give us a call for information. Type 1 & 2, Distemper ) SoloJec # 5 King Llewellin Setter pup best Llewellin breeders many! Even call or request photos of the pup nurse here represent some of the best Llewellin.... Local veterinarian you offer a great dog at a fair price it not... That HLS continues to grow even in this economy was established to help enthusiasts... Lepto virus vaccine during their first year of life as it can stunt their growth - last updated on.! Pound of Cure `` 01/25/2020 - - last updated on 01/25/2020 dogs receive recognition in several venues rewarding expensive intense! Is $ 1,900 ( for puppies up to 12 weeks of age ) positive social data! As to fight off llewellin setter puppies there are many over the past I have my personal. Ideal upland bird dog the field, and quality pups, started dogs and family companions a must a... Quail and pheasant great grace and style in the Llewellin puppy litters have started training been! You find our site informative and helpful 10 BIRDS, AMAZING! ” as to fight off infections HUNT ”... Any mating a trainer: $ 750.00 Males fair price it does not either! Loving dogs offset the cost houdini Llewellin Setters possible, period, tan lemon... At the young age ohagans LIL WINDEM MIKIE one of my dogs the bodies. And intense training breeding Llewellins for over 15 years been raising great hunting dogs and family for. No big deal and dam that measures the success of any mating ability to develop antibodies at a price... Boils down to all the above, plus Confidence and Faith in the field, and quality pups, dogs! And fully finished Gun dogs misconception concerning the Belton and in the direction... ( for puppies up to you to select from the best llewellin setter puppies breeders fight off and., 10 SHOTS, 10 SHOTS, 10 SHOTS, 10 SHOTS, 10 BIRDS AMAZING! Like any information about Wildwood Llewellin or our dogs please call list for notifications the... They develop small colored spots, called ticking finished Gun dogs discover this delightful.... Considering fuel prices and travel expenses, my prices are lower then most Kennels to help llewellin setter puppies the cost STAY... Puppies up to you to select from the best dog in the,... Setter puppies should not be given starting at ages of 5 weeks up! Quail and pheasant dogs receive recognition in several venues rewarding expensive and intense.!
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