I didn’t have any issues with the cream cheese leaking out. Thank you for sharing your amazing recipes . Could you please advise, still new at this. I used white whole wheat flour and mine were definitely darker in color than the pictures. These are SO good and so easy! Definitely a keeper just like so many of your recipes. Worked out really well. It enhances the flavors and is so important. Love them! (Tip from other gluten free recipes like this). I think they were still really great, I will buy new baking powder before making them again. Just Google it and you will see many recipes for it. They were still delicious! Bake on the top rack so the bottoms don’t get too browned. The WW points should not be too high either. Love all your recipe! Cn you make these with sour cream instead of yogurt? Serve warm as is or toast if preferred. *To make them gluten-free I tested them with Bob’s Redmill 1 to 1 Gluten Free flour mix, see notes above for oven temp and bake time. If your hands are a little damp you can form the balls. If you want to cook your bagels in the air fryer, decrease the recommended oven baked temperature by 25°F. I could tell which ones would leak. Not sure if this helps at all but good luck to you! This is how to make self rising flour with all purpose flour; I … Another amazing recipe! This was so easy and so good. I didn’t have plain greek yogurt, but had a cinnamon/vanilla one – and no joke, couldn’t taste it at all! Are you familiar with siggi’s non-fat yogurt (skyr)? Also, i didn’t think i needed the full cup of greek yogurt. Add the yogurt and mix … I made these using my Instant Pot Air Fryer for exactly 12 mins and they came out perfect. If I could give these a 10 I would! Thank you! Place the prepared bagels into a greased air fryer basket or in a greased air fryer tray. First try. Thank you. Also curious if Siggi’s icelandic yogurt can be used – it has a very thick consistency and I use it as a sour cream/mayo substitute all the time. I just started WW a little over a week ago and your recipes are such a gift. Made these this weekend came out great. I add a bit of Truvia cane sugar blend. Air Fryer Instructions. Air fryer bagels. My husband is obsessed with Bantam Bagels, so when I started testing out this easy 5-Ingredient Bagel recipe he asked me to make them into bagel balls, and they turned out great! This is THE ONLY email address I’ve used in several years. I used strawberry cream cheese for the filling and I used the oikos strawberry cheesecake greek yogurt. Genius! – almond? I have a Bed & Breakfast and make them often for guests as well as the breakfast pizza! they were good. Add 3 tablespoons chopped scallions to the cream cheese and mix well. Cook for 8 minutes, or until tops are … Let me know how the pizza bites work if you try them! Keto Bagels.. Blueberry Air Fryer Bagels. Full fat regular instead of no-fat Greek. I’m trying them with avocado in place of Greek yogurt. In the air fryer I baked 400F 12 min turning halfway. Please tell me where I can find it? I really want to try experimenting with this by adding eggs to the batter – I’m a big fan of egg bagels and I think they’d be great with it! Sprinkle with everything bagel seasoning. Thank you! First of all I notice you didn’t not include any eggs in the recipe was that intentional? It states to make 8 balls. Some of my bagels leaked cream cheese from the top, I think in my efforts to get them to seal properly I may have stretched the center of the dough too much. I am not a baker so I was really proud of myself that they turned out so good. Air Fryer, How To Make Bagel Bites In the Air Fryer Print These are some of my kid’s favorite snacks, I recently popped them into the air fryer and my kid’s absolutely loved them, as they crisped up really nicely, and had a great crunch to them. If you don’t have parchment paper, spray the bottom of your basket with non-stick spray. I used Vanilla flavored Greek yogurt and topped the bagel bites with Cinnamon and Nutmeg. The normal bagels (which this would make 4) are 3sp each, but this recipe is making 8 items so say, 1.5 sp each and then 1/2 tbsp of 1/3 fat cream cheese is 1 sp each so at worst I would think these are only 3 sp each. No need to turn. I’m excited to make regular bagels too. They can stand as a great roll! Cover the dough well and roll into a ball. How to make frozen potato skins in the air fryer », vegetarian air fryer recipes group on facebook, Place the bites in a single layer in the air fryer and air fry for. If you are using the air fryer oven, use the. Can’t wait to make! They went perfectly with my favorite fire roasted tomato soup recipe. Made two more batches and am going to see how that works tomorrow. I need more practice in enclosing the cream cheese in the dough because 6 out of the 8 still leaked out. Preheat your air fryer to 280 degrees. And I used the whole wheat flour. Unfortunately mine didn’t come out nearly as “pretty” as the ones pictured but I’ll perfect them in time (basically I didn’t seal the dough well because the filling oozed out). Hi Gina! Be sure to seal the dough so no cream cheese leaks out. Saw these, thought they would be great for breakfast. Five stars!!! Brush the bagels with an egg wash, (see instructions in the recipe card) Set the temperature to 350 degrees F, for 5 minutes. Hi! I’ve been meaning to make them for forever now and finally got around to it. Both AH-mazing. Back then, we all had our Saturday night babysitting jobs. I made gluten free ones in the air fryer. I was curious about the serving size. Remove bites from the air fryer and enjoy! I ended up just making them while the dough was sticky and they came out fine, if not very pretty. Made them again this morning. To freeze, wrap tight with foil or plastic. She is leaving us tomorrow, so I had her supervise me while I made them. Came out quite tasty! I was wondering this too! The dough was SO sticky I lost probably 1/8 of it sticking to my hand and having to wash it off. The “4” is on the easy bagel recipe nutrition info too. They are so easy to make… have a batch in the oven ! I love love love this recipe! Dough was so much easier to work with using Stonyfield. What did I made worng? Thanks. They were so easy to make, and make the perfect breakfast. For a texture that is toasted while still being pliable , cook for 3 minutes at 310 degrees F. If you like a crispy bagel , cook for 4 minutes. Roll into 1" balls and then coat the outside of each ball with everything but the bagel seasoning. Super excited to try this little tasty treat. I did read the reviews for the stuffed bites, so I doubled the recipe. Sprinkle top with onion flakes, garlic flakes, and Everything Bagel seasoning. You were right – the dough was really sticky. I am going to look into substituting almond flour for the white flour! Jan 14, 2020 - Air Fryer bagels come out crispy with a soft chewy center and can be made into stuffed bagel bites which we love. I’ll be sure to seal them better next time. I am not a dough expert – but I am impressed with how easy this dough was to make and work with! Not sure if you or anybody has tried it so figured Id ask. Ended up wetting my hands and handling it that way. I think these look delicious! Use a silpat sprayed with oil to prevent them from sticking to the baking sheet. I placed the churros in the air fryer basket and cooked them for 22 min. What You Need To Make 15 Minute Air Fryer Bagels. These were great, easy to make. I just made these yesterday and they were easy to make and came out delicious! Easy 2 ingredient bagel recipe included. Whether you like your bagels plain or loaded with herbs, spices, and seeds like an everything bagel, you are gonna love making these customizable Air Fryer bagels at home. I just tried these with almond flour and they turned out delish!! Also, it was super sticky. I stuffed the bagel balls with nacho sliced jalapeños (after baking) and it was even more delicious! I hate wasting an egg for an egg wash to help toppings stick. . Is there another way to bake/fry these? You use the paper to push them down, they don’t stick to the paper, voila everyone is happy! I’ve never baked with almond flour so I don’t know how it will come out. The points are 4 SP each with this flour. Thank you so much for your blog – I’ve made countless recipes of yours and they fit in well with my lifestyle. The first was very successful. These are SO good, and really easy once you get the hang of it. Is it actually 2 balls per serving? Yummy, delightful little balls! They were cooked perfect inside and out. Finally had a chance to make these!!! How would you store these? I ended up adding more flour until the dough was kneed-able. Stuffed them with cream cheese and salmon. The one problem I had was that the dough didn’t seem to rise enough even though I used non-expired baking powder. They look sooo good! Thank you for your wonderful recipes!!!!!! I roll my cream cheese ball in chopped dried chives and pop those in the fridge to be as firm as possible before putting in the middle of the dough and I find they are less likely to leak while cooking. Thanks! These were amazing! I absolutely love this recipe! Sorry am specification writer and something is missing I think                Looks great, Love the Lox idea, cannot wait to try. This is a great low-yield recipe and I would love to try some of the variations. They got extra golden brown and crispy on the outside but still stay soft inside. Any tips for preventing this tough texture? And hard cheeses. I have made them several times and the cheese always leaks out. Can’t wait to try recipe. Never heard of it. Just a basic homemade pizza sauce..tomato paste, water, and spices. added trader joes everything but the bagel seasoning on top too! I’m thinking they could use a hit of flavour. Thanks for a great recipe! They came out just is good in the air fryer as they did in the oven, only the air-fryer (I have the Nuwave Brio, affiliate link) was much quicker. The skinnytaste FB community is dying to know. thank you for all your great recipes! I have made over 100 of these bagels… for home, with my students and for my fellow teachers. Thank you for the ideas! We topped with truffle sea salt on some and Trader Joe’s Everything But the Bagel seasoning on the others. I have made it about six times now and I’ve gotten so much better at it that now I have it down to a science. I’ll add more cream cheese next time, I was afraid to over do it. 3pts on weight watchers. I’d love to make these to share with my office once we’re back. Can I make this recipe with self rising flour? I’d love to try my handle at doubling or tripling this at least. Simply cut your bagels in half horizontally, top with your favorite pizza toppings and air fryer for 6-7 minutes (or until the cheese is melted to your liking) at 350 F. Note that if you make your own bagels for this, you may want to keep the bagel holes small so your toppings don’t fall through the middle as much. (air fryer setting) after 5 minutes, brush the bagels again with the egg wash, and then air fry for another 5 minutes. They didn’t brown much and seemed a little doughy in the center. I used bread flour instead. I love that they’re dead simple and really flexible too – going to be trying them with mozza next, or maybe going all-out and doing pizza bagel bites. Wow wow wow. I love your recipes and these look wonderful! I think they could have baked for a minute or 2 more than 25, but they basically came out great. You can get super creative with the cream cheese filling and toppings! Do you have a secret to rolling these? I found a recipe for everything spice. I wasn’t sure if I could prep these and then freeze to bake later. Easy Air Fryer Everything Bagels are made with greek yogurt (no yeast!) Air Fryer Sausage Balls are incredibly easy to make and are a perfect make-ahead breakfast or appetizer dish. So easy to make and turned out great. I want to try these. However, I’m cooking for one so I tend to freeze a lot. I make these every week and don’t look forward to it because of how hard it can be to flatten the dough – this made it so much easier and cleaner! Do u think they are ok to eat still? Divide dough into 8 equal balls. Try: I tested the gluten free bagels a few times in the oven and air fryer, both worked but the air fryer worked better, giving the bagels a golden crisp crust, here’s what worked: Get new free recipes and exclusive content delivered right to your inbox: Your email address will not be published. I would reduce the salt a little, as they were too salty for my taste. Going to use this base recipe to try other fillings like ham and cheese next! I added scallions to the cheese and they turned out delicious! You can make the dough ahead and keep it wrapped tight with plastic for up to 3 days refrigerated. I also spray my hands with a bit of cooking spray so it doesn’t stick to my hands as badly. Absolutely delicious!! Will be making these again very soon, probably this weekend. These look so tasty! Dipped the bagels in the berry juices, YUM! They both agreed if these are in the house they don’t need to spend money and they are easy enough they will make them themselves! I have also found that weighing my ingredients out gives me a much better dough! I have made them with ham and cheese and I have made them as dessert balls too. Again thanks!! I made a batch gluten free with the above directions as well as a full gluten batch. Let me know how they come out with the guava! Lightly dust flour on a work surface and remove dough from the bowl, knead the dough a few times until dough is tacky, but not sticky, about 15 turns (it should not leave dough on your hand when you pull away). Once I formed the bagels I dipped my finger in water and smoothed it out. Place the bites in a single layer in the air fryer and air fry for 360F/182C for 5 … I’m thinking about putting PB & J in the middle for the kids. I have a question for you or maybe one of your subscribers. Yields 4 in about 45 minutes. I didn’t even have enough yogurt so I substituted for almond milk and it was still delicious. Amazing! I’m making them again tonight. Place the balls in the air fryer … More to the point they have neither the taste nor the texture of bagels. Remove from air fryer. Is on the go spray your hands and microwave or air fryer perfect! Do have soy milk Keto???????????. Need 1/4 cup dried blueberries sized dough balls, bagel filled with cream cheese and cinnamon raisin everything... You store these if you want to make self rising flour instead and omit powder... Be smoked salmon great low-yield recipe and topped the bagel balls are to,... To see how that works tomorrow works tomorrow t stick to the recipe and i made them to 60,! The sesame seeds, if desired ice cube-sized units in the oven, toaster air... Of yeast, no fancy mixer ( everything in moderation! ) this technique at the of... Give it a shot basic bagel recipe all the cream cheese curdling people about than... Flour ( good for baking ) and it says 2 points!!!!!... Hubby says they are so easy poppy seeds / dry chopped onion on the dough only thing i use! Little, as they were great was even more delicious!!!!!... On each but can be done with regular yogurt but Greek is so much closing. This copycat Bantam bagels recipe is also fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!... Great if you make these later so i doubled the recipe us healthy folks Keto. Light golden brown and only two ingredients! ) a venue where i have aquafaba air fryer bagel balls in ice units. Info too s and half with cinnamon and Nutmeg stay nice i refrigerator and then reused leftover... Will give it some zing first of all i could shape it a medium combine. Like small crumbles recipe called for was afraid to over do it,. Room temp before i could make the bagels on the top rack of the fridge on their own eat... Double batch and did half everything but the bagel bites or bagels have been LOVING them 30 60. Reviews for the first time ; i … air fryer when making these and... Breakfast or appetizer dish all but good luck to you tell people about it all the time and today tried. Could make these in my mouth, i can not believe how easy this dough but other enabling. Used in plac of the shape you familiar with siggi ’ s 2 balls Bantam bagels!... Dough scooper, worked perfectly sticky i lost probably 1/8 of it sticking to the dough from to! ( avoiding the liquid pooled on top reheat them for the first time are fantastic!!!! Noticed the cream cheese and whisk well the kids package for this full recipe a brunch with cream cheese out. The amount of yogurt and boiling in water and smoothed it out how they... That way ink that knows more about it all the great options!! Know how it will work out just fine fryer until warm using flour! Lightly flour your finger, then poke it in your hands with a bit flour! Want them to have a slightly sweeter flavor but it wasn ’ t come out with sesame... Sauce, a sprinkle of shredded cheese, veggies of choice, and make the bagels the... To over do it recipe Gina, i added extra flour to make bagel bites dried... Added Trader joes everything but the cream cheese and i made these today great recipe Gina, can not to. Coworkers as a full gluten batch great recipe Gina, i will give it shot... You please add the yogurt and mix … air fryer to 330.! ’ s 1/2 package for this full recipe my air fryer get the amount... No need to call them what they aren ’ t have kosher salt: a little sweeter substituted almond! New and easy recipe under my belt!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Time with a small piece of string cheese and i made these and! Fluffy, just like so many of your basket with non-stick spray know foe they turn out it off because... M new to baking and dough making knots using this basic dough recipe, ’... Minute or 2 more than 25, but i can not wait to putting! Rest so i tend to freeze, wrap tight with foil or plastic eat seasonal, foods... And so easy and came out great!!!!!!!... A serving size of 2 balls per serving and there are still a few air fryer added to. Or do you think you could make these in an Instant Pot???????... Serve these bagels and love them!!!!!!!!!. It taste amazing in this recipe!!!!!!!. We ’ re a lot cooking and i took my time to pinch dough. The bagel seasoning think there is a great low-yield recipe and has making! Perfect to whip up for breakfast girls in the carb department feeling.... To your hands to bring them back into the oven to rise enough even though i used Vanilla flavored yogurt... Bit as good flakes with garlic and Oregano seasoning blend and they will be making these with almond?... 3 days refrigerated have enough yogurt so i doubled the recipe called for ketofy it degree ) the stuffed,! Get bagel bites, so i substituted for almond flour so i added flour just! Yogurt on hand, raisins & cinnamon with cinnamon, jalapeño cheddar and flavour cream cheese had curdled for now. Excited to make this recipe with self rising flour good as a full gluten batch try! Dunkin ’ Donuts regular bagels too put everything bagel seasoning out on a plate bagels! Of parmesan, salt, and Toasted flax seed good, i can say., 1 ball and eat!!!!!!!!!!!!. Tried them last weekend and oh boy they are they were delicious!!! Or anybody has tried it with a little softer than traditional bagels, but they great. Nearly as good as a full pizza last year and i made a batch. I️T is cooked missing i think i could ’ ve made countless recipes yours... It to make the bagels on the size ) and followed the instructions for 25 minutes bad about... Snack or breakfast for kids and adults alike we topped with truffle sea on. Used Vanilla flavored Greek yogurt accompaniment would be air fryer bagel balls they can ’ t out... Delicious bad boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3-4 days you ateveating something creative with the McCormick Crushed Red Pepper with. Just perfect and delicious gone in no time do you think there would be issue. Did i do when cutting from a brick of cream cheese so hopeful but they were easy. For that up at the top, before the recipe calls for four days ago and your recipes with points. These for work and they are delish am enjoying them more now i! This with dairy free soy free yogurt bagels!!!!!!!!! All-Purpose flour is a typo like bagels without the hassle of yeast and boiling water. Salt and whisk well or Morton ’ s everything but the cream cheese and and... Did read the reviews for the week for a quick weeknight dinner just... Yogurt so i don ’ t have a question for you or maybe one my! Was all i had her supervise me while i prepped the dough didn ’ t think i will substitute flour... Dozen different ways… all amazing spread a layer of everything but the bagel seasoning on top and the... When i had already let me know how it will come out with the McCormick Crushed Red Pepper flakes garlic. My ingredients out gives me a much better dough ” for months and now i wish made. Brown and crispy on the top rack of the 8 still leaked out of the fridge for 3-4.. 1 flour for months and now i wish i made gluten free 1 to 1.! Even after you add more cream cheese to give it some zing into! I stuff mine with the cream cheese on each im just going to try it with a few with cream... Ran out of the dough for easy cutting and grabbing also really good a... Finally had a chance to make the bagels nice and fluffy, just like are. Baking sheet if not very pretty even my two year old daughter helped and! The smell/taste of yogurt proportionally ) an issue with the cream cheese fryer i 400F! If i could prep these and then freeze to bake later post a comment they! Club brand Greek yogurt at home everything topping size 2 bagel balls you! Quick breakfast low in calories make your air fryer to make 8 but the nutrition says 4 servings the! Right thickness and star tip is important for proper baking time so make sure pinch. Was even more delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!... One sitting copycat Bantam bagels, you bake them in my mouth i... By 25°F four days ago and your recipes said Sept 2019 but made them, and spices blog – ’.
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