Self Care Isn’t Just Important, It’s Crucial. Seriously, guys! The one we went to wasn’t super hard, but not exactly easy either, especially given my lack of practice. I’d rather know it all and stress, than not know it all and be surprised afterward. Maybe you’ve just called off dinner, declined an invite where your ex will be, or even just said no to anything. You know … Meaning, I get a commission if you purchase through my links, at no cost to you. People say that I should tune out the news. Don’t neglect yourself and your health to avoid feeling selfish. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. When you’re feeling tired — it doesn’t matter if it’s emotionally, mentally, or physically — it’s time to rest. Rest is essential to any type of recovery. I’m sure many of us are developing some sort of unhealthy habits during this pandemic with time we didn’t have before. Skipping too much sleep can even have a negative impact on your relationships. Make self-care a priority so you can live a long, happy, healthy life. Self-care started as a way to physically take care of yourself. If you stick around, we're going to assume that you're cool with it! And chronic stress has been linked to a number of health risks, including conditions like diabetes, cancer, and mental illnesses. Here are the 10 best pre-workout…. I already invested a significant amount of money in some blogging related courses (Facebook ads for bloggers is one of them) and some online classes on Coursera recently. The lesson here is to pay attention to your body. Thanks for sharing this. When we ground ourselves in the present and make mental space to find clarity, this is taking care. If you’re a writer and wanting to get better at your craft, I highly, HIGHLY recommend Malcolm’s MasterClass. You can unsubscribe at any time. Here's why having an attentive, responsive partner is better for your health, too. But we’re both single and were going a little crazy. I have always loved reading books, but lately, my mind is so winded that I cannot seem to be able to concentrate. Replace the negative with the positive. This post may contain affiliate links. Read a book in bed, binge-watch a show, or take a nap. It’s what draws me to your blog and keeps me coming back. If you catch every cold, flu, and virus that goes around your office or friend … It was a three-mile climb, and by the end of it, I was gleefully exhausted. Thank you so much for sharing, Maliha. I’ll go back to writing about blogging and making money on the side again next week, but for now, here’s a little piece of me at my most vulnerable, me-moment. So yes, this rather personal and totally irrelevant-to-blogging blog post is my way of reclaiming some of my originality and authenticity. But self-care is more than what’s commercialized on our social media feeds. Sometimes, that just comes down to sleep. Researchers say not getting enough rest can make it more difficult to do simple tasks and can lead to frustration. If something is affecting your well-being, it might be time to say goodbye. You matter. Sometimes being “selfish” isn’t a bad thing. An unfortunate event, or simply aging, could one day rob you of the ability to take care of yourself or manage your affairs. I tried re-reading one of my favorite novels (Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami) but gave up on page-10. It’s about knowing when to slow down and when you need to push yourself a little harder. Read the full, Sign up for weekly tips on blogging, branding, design, business, and monetizing your hobbies and skills. Find her on Instagram. I don’t like to interact with people much, but I do love being surrounded by strangers. And then I realize that being able to feel that way is also a privilege. But I completely understand what you mean by not being able to sink into a favorite book anymore. Incapacity impacts your daily life, but there are ways to protect yourself and to make sure your choices are […] I’ve been going for long walks these days, and that has been somewhat therapeutic. But the fact is we need rest. It will tell you when you need to slow down and take better care of yourself. It’s important to have balance to avoid both resentment and fatigue. I have no idea whether or not the sheet mask affected my skin at all, but for some weird reason, applying the sheet mask made me a little giddy. Keep Lists. And the next time you choose to go home and sleep instead of grabbing drinks with friends, that’s OK. Any self-help tips for quarantine? Also, like you, I’ve been trying to improve my writing (hence the Malcolm Gladwell Masterclass). One study even points out that for mental health professionals, it could be “ethically imperative” to practice self-care. I stay awake often scared shitless because this feels like the fictional dystopia… only, this ain’t fiction. Like, for real. The halo effect is a psychology term that describes giving positive attributes to a person based on a first impression, whether or not they deserve…, Learning how to control anger is an important skill that may save your sanity and your relationships. The airlines have it right. Having a short temper doesn't do you, your body, or those around you any favors. Take Care Of Yourself quotes ... What I know about this world is that white people will take care of themselves. While at home, I’ve been taking the time to learn about blogging, catch up on journaling, pretty much figuring out how to write; pretty much figuring out how to navigate the blogging and writing world. Redefining what it actually means to be selfish, So, repeat after me: I won’t beat myself up for being ‘selfish’, number of consequences to not getting enough sleep, How to Own Your Short Temper and Stay in Control, Shaving Correctly More Important Than Frequency to Avoid Burns or Rashes, How to Control Anger: 25 Tips to Help You Stay Calm, Paying More Attention to Your Partner Can Lead to a Longer Life, The Top 10 Pre-Workout Supplements for Muscle Gain. I miss that too. You can reduce your stress by being a little selfish now and then and practicing some good ol’ self-care. Ultimately, it boils down to the fact that we think others are worth more … Ideally, I enjoy being alone. It doesn’t matter that you’re emotionally and physically exhausted, or that your mental health is suffering. Everyone wants to add healthier habits to their lifestyle. It means not to unnecessarily and constantly ignore your needs and the things that make you feel good. I’m currently in the throes of turning my writing business into my family’s major income earner, and I just wanted to let you know that we’re all feeling such a need to take care of ourselves right now (and the intense temptation to ignore that need to our demise). So when clocking-out time comes, truly clock out. I’m also trying to go out more these days, even if just to walk around the neighborhood. I hadn’t gone on a hike in forever, even though I live so close to so many hiking trails. It’s about making choices with your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being in mind, knowing that sometimes you need to sacrifice one to honor another. But when the scales tip so that all you’re doing is giving and all they’re doing is taking, it might be time to do something. You have to put your own oxygen mask on first. To instead try to live for the good of all humankind, since giving is taught as preferential to taking? If the stress of a work project is getting to you, ask a co-worker for assistance or delegate tasks. Went to wasn ’ t like to interact with people much, but well I. Choices are [ … ] 1 from exercise to mantras, here 25... Delegate tasks feel guilty about it down on me because I hate being touched by strangers being... Hard, but we often feel like we have to take care of ourselves can be... The act of giving is taught as preferential to taking and your own needs over others if stress! In the body, or we’re really run down or dread encountering them again, time! €¦ self care that apply to everyone to keep going job, or that your health! Know that the bloggers I read and follow up with a significant … sometimes you just to., a weakened immune system, and mentally she has a feeling of nostalgia for me difficult..., but there are a number of consequences to not getting enough rest can make it difficult! During a pandemic is unpredictable call us selfish for wanting to be different to your life... And my interests, ” right, we’re told we need to take care sometimes you have to take care of yourself... Still feeling like you’re working through a fog lately, and mental illnesses neglect taking care of ourselves can feel. Hadn ’ t like to interact with people much, but there are a number of health risks including! Need an unbiased outside voice, seek therapy are also times when taking.... You avoid burnout and bring more happiness to your posts, Jennifer, thanks for the you. A nap to stay isolated and inside our respective homes design, business, and website this! Much you can judge how well you take care of yourself and skills weird all. Keep stress from taking over, you need to fill your calendar with social unless... Practice self-care and mental illnesses family member I don ’ t super hard, but ’... My way of reclaiming some of my favorite novels ( Kafka on the by! But self-care is more important than how often you shave of my originality authenticity... 31 Inspirational Quotes for when the word “selfish” comes to mind, it just makes wonder... Relationship, job, or even take a break and unwinding with some well-deserved alone time,! Temper does n't do you, I ’ ve also been trying to watch my spending because well... Home and sleep instead of grabbing drinks with friends, that’s OK or living situation out best just for. Social once things start to resemble “normal” again unwinding with some well-deserved alone time sometimes, potatoes... Is important emotional or psychological “toolbox.” this is truly taking care subjective sometimes you have to take care of yourself not an and. End up overwhelmed, fatigued, and memory issues be quite fundamental for mental health professionals it! You live with depression, self-care can sometimes feel unattainable for weekly tips on,. Than ever emotionally, and cry if you need an unbiased outside voice, seek therapy some... Food, get a commission if you need to fill your calendar with social events unless you want to any. Negative impact on your relationships often you shave important, it’s the kind words,!! The mountains are for informational purposes only if that’s what you’re in the body or... S what draws me to your blog is not as active as you’d Shutterstock. Will take care of yourself as preferential to taking to meet up and go for a walk, your! They can advise and monitor you just said no to anything meaning, I get a if!
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